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Napkin is wonderful for bringing new friends together.

At the same time, please remember to be courteous with those you dine with.

As a home chef and a host, being kind to your guests and making them feel welcome and comfortable goes a long way.


Good communication is key to a rewarding experience.

Responding quickly to messages you receive from guests that have booked with you, or are looking to book with you, shows that you're an attentive, considerate, and professional chef and host.

1. Remember to respond to your guest booking requests within 24 hours in order to confirm a booking. Early confirmation puts your guests at ease knowing they have a confirmed plan.

2. If you don't feel comfortable with hosting a guest because their expectations don't seem to match your listing, be sure to decline their booking request promptly.

3. Be sure to check in with your guest prior to make sure what you're preparing works for them. Ask your guests if they have any dietary requirements.

4. Keep your guest in the loop regarding their booking. If you confirm a booking for a specific meal and something comes up that impacts that meal, tell your guest in advance.

5. If your guests are from abroad, they might have some trouble finding your place, be sure to check in with them to make sure they know where they're going.

Guests will rate you on your overall communication with them.


When you've confirmed a booking with your guest, they've committed to meeting you at the agreed time. Sometimes things can go awry though, so it's important to let your guest know of any problems right away.

If you suddenly need to cancel a booking because of the unexpected, let your guest know right away so that they can look into finding a new place to eat:

1. Cancel the booking on Napkin to initiate the refund process.

2. You may like to recommend another chef that the guest can try instead.

It's important for guests that book with home chefs through Napkin that they feel confident in their plans. It's important to keep in mind that cancellation on your end will also reflect your business reputation as a home chef.


Part of what makes for a successful dining experience with guests is making sure beforehand that you're representing your offering as accurately as possible. Everyone appreciates an accurate listing for it helps people get the right idea about what they're getting.

1. Provide as much detail as possible in your listing about the type of food you're offering and your dining area.

2. Use plenty of high quality photos showcasing your cooking, dining area, and experiences with other guests. This will help guests make the right choice for themselves when considering a home chef.

Your guests will have the opportunity to rate the accuracy of the information you provide in your listing against the overall experience. Creating an accurate and detailed profile and listing page will attract more guests wand help you earn great ratings.


The price you set is very important to consider. A very high priced meal may lead guests to assume that they'll be receiving a dining experience of an exceptionally high standard.

1. Be sure to set fair pricing reflective of not only your cooking expenses and what you'd need to make a profit, but of the actual quality of the meal itself.

2. You can adjust your pricing at any time to reflect any increases in expenses or during busy periods.

3. Remember that some of your guests will be far from home, so try to anticipate what they’ll want, what they’ll find confusing, and be ready to offer help and guidance to ensure they're having a good time.

4. Asking for feedback from your guests is a good way to find out if there a ways in which you can improve your offering. They can tell you face to face, or leave private feedback for you when they submit their ratings.


A clean and tidy dining area makes for a pleasant and comfortable dining experience for your guests.

Be sure that you have enough time before your guests arrive to clean your hosting/dining area as well as all the dining ware you plan to use.

This is especially important when you have back-to-back bookings.

Your guests will rate the cleanliness of your listing and the average of your ratings appears on your listing

Overall Experience

Napkin aims to help people come together as friends from all over the world to share a home cooked meal.

Do keep in mind that as much as Napkin is about preparing a good meal for your guests, it's also about hospitality. All of the above factors will play a big part in hosting a fun, successful and pleasant dining experience for your guests.

How your guests will rate you against the above criteria will affect your success on Napkin. The average of the overall experience ratings you receive will appear on your listing page.

Remember to have fun and take care of your guests!